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Why are Mary and Wayan currently living in USA?

Many friends and guests have recently asked us the above question, "Why are you living in the USA?" We are honored that folks have an interest in our personal lives. Undeniably, Sawah Sunrise B&B has become more than just "a place to stay in Ubud." Our house has become an extension of ourselves, there to welcome new friends from around the world and share life's unique moments with one another. It is in this spirit of sharing that we would like to tell you why we are temporarily living in Chicago.

Sawah Sunrise B&B has represented our philosophy for life since its inception. From the very first brick set, we have been committed to living our dream, to challenging our status quo and growing towards the happiness each of us leans to. Sawah Sunrise has brought us so much happiness and satisfaction. We love the small part we play in others' lives and the chance to make someone's day special. We have shared with our guests the laughter, tears, food, wine, stories, holidays, advice, directions, yoga poses- you name it, we have shared it! And we have had the time of our lives doing so! But after a few years running the business every day, true to our nature, we began to dream even bigger…  

For Wayan, this bigger dream includes spending some time living outside of his beloved Bali, to embark on an intensive study in the culinary arts in one of the world's leading food cities- Chicago, IL, USA.

Be on the lookout for the new Sawah Sunrise Restaurant, or the next party invitation card reading "Catered by Chef Wayan" in the near future!

For the next few months we will be managing Sawah Sunrise remotely. We have daily contact with our fantastic team in Ubud and we are grateful our home is in such capable and compassionate hands.

We will see you in person next year, and we are looking forward to it!

Warm Regards,
Mary & Wayan