Mary and Wayan

Opening Sawah Sunrise Bed & Breakfast in August 2009 was like most things in our Balinese life: A wonderful, if unpredictable, fate. When we met on Nusa Penida Island in 2006, Mary was a volunteer teacher from California, Wayan was a bird keeper from a small fishing village. At the time, we did not speak a common language. Three years later, and one month after our spectacular Balinese Hindu marriage ceremony- the first of its kind in the history of Wayan's village!- Sawah Sunrise B&B opened its doors for the first time. Our business reflects us, uniting cultures, languages and origins. We welcome you to experience a new personal location, a new place to call "Home."

Pak Suma and Mbok Nyoman

Our exceptional husband & wife Management Team that make our house a home. Whether it is Mr. Suma as the first person to welcome you off of an airplane, or Ms. Nyoman cooking your breakfast made-to-order fresh each morning, our managers know just how to make you feel at home. They are also our Local Experts for all things Ubud, especially culture, family tradition and spiritual practice. Both born and raised just outside of Ubud village and well respected in the community, we are fortunate to have them share with us their wealth of local knowledge.
Nyoman (Komang)

Nyoman is the "go-to" man, our Staff Extraordinaire! The seemingly shy member of our Team, guests often smile when they discover what Nyoman is hiding under that quiet demeanor: A man who can speak 4 languages, balance a nerve-racking amount of luggage on his motorbike with 1 hand, or act as "dog whisperer" when Uma needs a bath. With Nyoman around, it is no wonder we feel as though "anything is possible" at Sawah Sunrise. 
Uma, Monkey, Azlan and Guna

Each one of our beloved animals has a survival story that inspires and humbles the heart. In one way or another, they have been rescued (or rescued themselves) from painful beginnings and possible tragedy. We are grateful they have made their way to our home, to add a touch of flair and personality and share some unconditional love.
The Team